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The Tuk-Tuk 

3 wheeled vehicle which can be used for the transportation of goods or people. The factory which produces them is able to customize the vehicle to any colour scheme a customer may require. In Thailand they are used as taxis, tour vehicles and light goods vehicles, and that is why we considered the use in the UK to be along similar lines. The passenger compartment is waterproof and heated.

Vehicle Specifications

Weight: 650kg   Length: 3m    Width:  1.4m     Engine:  Petrol, 650cc Daihatsu, 5 speed + reverse, Four Stroke/12valve     Wheels:  12in

As you can see, it is a small, lightweight vehicle and hence a highly efficient mode of transport. The engine is economical and based on a unit which is widely available in the UK and Europe, so parts are easy to come by.

Our Service

As soon as you  order your Tuk-Tuk, we will  import the vehicle from Thailand and register it with the UK Licensing Authority. This means that it will have passed all the necessary safety standards for use on the UK roads. It will have a registration document, and as soon as you have it taxed and insured, it will be ready to go on the road. We can put you in touch with insurance companies for both private use and for taxi or private hire use, and we can guide you through the steps necessary to obtain a private hire vehicle licence with your Local Authority.

The Company

 Our company imports the Tuk-Tuk, a unique vehicle,for use in the UK, in fact anywhere in the world. The Tuk-Tuk is built in Thailand and when imported will be sold to our customers with full vehicle registration documents for use in the UK. Despite the claims of other companies on the net, we are the only company in the UK that has been able to register and license this type of vehicle. We are constantly upgrading the vehicles to meet British standards and the work that is done on the vehicles is overseen by our representative in Thailand.

Our Customers

 The first vehicle to be in service in the UK was in Bath. The Tuk-Tuk was  licensed as a Private Hire vehicle by the local authority in July 2002 and was being used both for showing visitors round the city and for taxi work. The tuk tuk was licensed to carry four people.Potential customers are welcome to contact Tuk Tuk Tours Javea

In January 2003 Lakeland local authority granted a Private Hire license to another of our customers:

Daily Telegraph Motoring Section May 23rd 2003

Crazy taxis(Filed: 23/05/2003) They're all over Bangkok, but what's a tuk-tuk doing in the Lake District? Richard Simpson takes a spin in a hugely enjoyable automotive eccentricityThe phrase "We live in a global village'' is overworked, but just occasionally you catch sight of something so incongruous that you are momentarily transported half way round the world. For an automotive example of this, simply head for Ambleside in the Lake District where, with a bit of luck, you should soon spot a solitary tuk-tuk; a candy-striped piece of Thailand that has recently appeared amongst the grey stone and slate of Cumbria.The tuk-tuk belongs to Mark Routledge, a partner in the very British-sounding Churchill Hotel located in the heart of the village. And from this weekend's bank holiday Monday, the intention is that this little tuk-tuk will go to work, ferrying four holidaymakers at a time from the pier at Waterhead and into Ambleside. The cost is £1·50 for a one-way trip, which I'd happily pay just to sit inside this charming and exotic vehicle. Even on a dull day the multi-coloured plastic seats and body panels are bright enough to cause short-term retinal damage, while the extraordinarily home-made quality of the "coachwork'' is bound to raise a smile. The headlining appears to be made of a curious kind of veneer, the kind that looks almost exactly unlike wood, and the ornate protective bars on the sides seem to be made of a pair of indifferently chromed ornamental gates. Meanwhile, the weather protection, which is bound to come in handy in Cumbria, is provided by some drop-down plastic sheeting. Vanden Plas it is not.Frankly, the tuk-tuk an absolute delight, and even getting into your seat is an adventure. It weighs just half a ton wet through and, thanks to a high centre of gravity and soft rear springs, it lists and wobbles like a leaky old boat as you clamber aboard. Yet despite appearances to the contrary, passenger safety is properly taken care of, with seatbelts for all.Driver comfort isn't quite as well catered for, however, because main chauffeur Shane Todd has to sit astride the engine bay, with the radiator cap uncomfortably sited between his legs. The gearlever is similarly positioned, while the steering is managed through a motorcycle-style set-up of sprung front forks and handlebars. There's even a ventilated front disc brake, although perhaps that extra stopping power really is needed, Routledge claims that the tuk-tuk is capable of a somewhat astonishing 70mph.The engine is a modern 650cc Daihatsu unit and, single front wheel excepted, the tuk-tuk uses standard delivery-van running gear. Which these days means it's a quiet, catalysed four-stroke engine that hums away under the driver's bottom. So while this contemporary tuk-tuk is rather more of a Whisper-Whisper, which is a shame in some ways, it does at least mean it won't pollute like an old two-stroke tuk-tuk, which have been known to be forever responding enthusiastically to the old naval order to "make smoke''.Routledge also confirms that the modern tuk-tuk is as easy to drive as it is blissfully smokeless. He says: "It's a bit of a shock to start with, because the steering is very sharp and it will turn on a sixpence, but after 10 minutes it's very easy to handle.'' And Ian Spokes, who has had a private ride round the village in the tuk-tuk, confirmed that it causes quite a stir. "The reaction from the people we passed was fantastic. They waved at us. People were taking photos, too.''The tuk-tuk was imported by a British company, which then made the necessary modifications to get it through the necessary Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) test. And although Routledge won't say exactly how much his vehicle cost - presumably for fear of whole streams of copy-cat tuk-tuks leaving Phuket for The Lakes - he doesn't demur when I suggest a figure in the region of £7,500. And that's really not bad; not least because this is the most obviously hand-made vehicle I've ever seen.If this first Lakeland tuk-tuk takes off - as it were - Routledge promises that he'll buy another, so visitors to Ambleside will never be more than a few minutes away from a ride in one. And if you get the chance, do have a go, because whoever built Ambleside's famously tiny Bridge House - which is barely bigger than a tuk-tuk - would surely have heartily approved of this enjoyable automotive eccentricity.Further information about the Ambleside tuk-tuk on 07967 272732.

Stretch Tuk Tuks




This could be the next vehicle import. We are looking into the required specs to see if we can get the stretch version registered. Could it be called the Tuk Tuk Tuk? - April 2003

This vehicle is now possible to register in the UK - February 2004








We can also import the MMW Tuk Tuk  Van (pick up and refrigerated). This is an ideal, economic vehicle for all sorts of deliveries. Logos etc can be put on the sides and the back of the vehicle. Below you can see drawings indicating size and appearance. Also below you will see a picture of the likely model.










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